Punchline Scramble

Punchline Scramble is a live improvised comedy show like no other. This fast and funny show utilizes the skills of internationally renowned improvisers to instantly create hilarious scenes based on suggestions from the audience.  It’s completely made up on the spot so anything can happen and usually does!

Our host gets an idea from the crowd, sets the scene then turns the improvisers loose on a comedic rampage. You will be amazed at how quick, funny, and talented these guys are!  They will try anything and often pull it off flawlessly. Hear a song made up on the spot, see an entire scene in the form of a children’s rhyme or have a typical day in your friend’s life reenacted right before your eyes. Even when things backfire on stage the audience is still left laughing so hard they’re crying.  Either way this show is non-stop comedy entertainment that will have your guests talking!

Each show is customized taking into consideration your company/event and audience.