Improv Classes for Kids

Looking for an outlet for your child’s creative genius? Donovan’s Improv Classes for Kids teach collaboration, empathy, positivity, storytelling and characters. Specialized classes designed to foster their comedic growth in an energetic atmosphere of connection and courage. Get them off the screen and onto the stage!

Donovan will teach the rules of improv: saying yes in a scene, saying yes to team work and how positivity creates comedy. Your child will learn how to tell a story and develop a character, all under the skillful eye of a professional improvisor, actor, and teacher with over 30 years experience.
Donovan’s courses are all about creativity and kindness, positivity and play. Give your child the chance to explore their imagination while learning to be collaborative, creative and courageous!

Class size is limited.

"Donovan is a gifted improviser, actor and teacher who brings energy to the classroom! His ability to play is so welcomed in our drama room!"

– Monty Drazda FR Haythorn, Sherwood Park.

"I have brought Donovan in at least twice a year for over a decade now. His experience and knowledge regarding improv is unparalleled. More importantly, the way he connects with young people is truly what makes the workshops incredible."

– Jim Nehrbeski, Leduc High School